Author: Nicolay Vladimirov Kurbanov-nvknvk
concerning principles MANAGING Reality Part 22

  • END of ABsolute truth 16.6.2015
  • TRUTH ABOUT DRUGS 8.6.2015
  • Azazel OR SOLOMON 8.6.2015
  • TRUTH ABOUT EVIL 29.5.2015
  • FOR MISTAKES 21.5.2016
  • WHY evil exists 18.5.2015
  • MONEY OR YOUR LIFE 13.5.2015
  • with God's help and a concerted effort crushed CODEX 10.5.2015
  • HOW GOD fucked 14.4.2015
  • LEVELS OF LIFE 11.4.2015
  • the two great commandments ARE 1.4.2015
  • we CAN NOT fathom the creation 30.3.2015
  • when the door before you open for life 23.3.2015
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  • PURPOSE OF ERRACHY 31.1.2015
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  • KNEW MANY THINGS FROM FILM "13 Game of Death" 2006 21.12.2014
  • unverified information BUT IMPORTANT TO READ 19.12.2014

    END of ABsolute truth

  • absolute truth WORLD 18.11.2014 YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS WAR OF 1 CREATION(ART) IE 5 universe. Now your time to understand for war of ALL CREATIONS = whole cosmos VIZ 100 UNIVERSES OR 1 million planets. SCIENTISTS liying- 500 billion stars will have only one million stars and all were once inhabited. You already understand why TIME OBJECTIVES creations abandonment or became smaller. In the first part we said that I and my brother Alexander who were SOLOMON And NATAN became the molluscs and our whole world because of PROTON PLAZMA- these are computer games. Money for each universe were not a trillion trillion but 500 million trillion. Money On The Almighty Almighty for the whole cosmos ARE trillions upon trillions which means that each universe has 50 BILLION TRILLION each universe for 100,000 years. BUT THESE ARE NOT ONLY MONEY MANAGEMENT OF THE MEMBER. Need for inventions and also of each planet Assuming that a maximum of 7 billion PEOPLE * 500 000 PLANETS = 3 500 000 BILLION creatures in the universe. Which means dear brothers and sisters it was a lie. THE TRUTH IS THAT THE PLANETS ARE 500 in the universe in the film showed one PROMETHEOUS universe of 100 planets. THEREFORE 500 PLANETS IN 7 BILLION people maximum = 3500 BILLION . IF every living being given 10 BILLION IN CASH AND REMAIN 15 BILLION TRILLION inventions and the state budget. => I won 4 MILLION A TRILLION AM Solomon. Asked how Solomon has 20 hits NUMBER => Each governor of the universe is a Solomon. In the universe are20. THIS WE ARE: 1. I = KING SOLOMON (GTA3, GTA VICE CITY, GTA SAN ANDREAS, MINDCALC, CLEAR LOGIC, CHARMED TV SERIES, DELIVER US FROM EVIL movie
    3. CODEX
    4. PLAZA- PAYNER Emanuel
    8. Jesus Christ and God the Father and ZEVS- UBISOFT
    10. BLACK BOX- SIMEON (Ecclesiastes)
    11. AGEY- FLT
    13. ALIENOMA- game of THRONES (TV SERIES), CONAN BARBERIAN (2012), MERLIN tv series
    15. STARTREK
    16. STARGATE - PHARAON dinasties
    17. FUTURE- CONTINUUM (tv series)
    19. 1900- 1960 year- CHARLI CHAPLIN black & white movies


    Each game costs from 1 to several million only in its CREATION => THESE ABOVE ARE LONG blew 1500 million TRILLION # and now blew the money of their beings. WHY ants, flies, animals, etc. NOT ALL PEOPLE ARE.

    ATTENTION !!!!!!! And Most Powerful God prevailed over the world and the embarrassing them little critters THAT HE CAN spend their money. ie MOST forever lost the battle BEST WAIT UNTIL EARLY AFTER 100 000 YEARS WILL BECOME PEOPLE IN THE NEXT MATRIX so call it.

    И ЕЩЕ


    AND IT IS THAT DRUGS ARE for POOR rich people. Most wealthy who live in ghettos and slums can use drugs. That's their computer, this is their high adrenaline that you get while playing computer games. There are many types of drugs. But let's look at super TEHNOLOGICAL- flash or FLASH- drops. It gives you the opportunity to experience their dreams and desires as live. Therefore, it is sold in slums (tv series CONTINUUM). NOTHING BAD. Why Colombia is the largest seller of drugs and America can not deal with them- because America does not give money to poor people, so they decided to cultivate marijuana. This is true siblings. COLOMBIA NOT MAKE HEROIN, Colombia makes marijuana. Heroin is produced in America and Europe and then by the Americans and the Germans.

    Azazel OR SOLOMON

    He came to the ram that had two horns, which I saw standing before the river, and ran unto him in the fury of his power. 7 And I saw him come close to the ram, and choler against him, and struck the ram and broke his two horns; and there was no power in the ram to stand before him; but throw it to the ground and trampled on him; and none could deliver the ram from his power.

    DEAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS IS Azazel goat and my brother Alexander and I are Aries. HEAR THIS SONG MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN are rich.xm (nvknvk21), prophet EREMIA.xm (nvknvk13) - 20 sekundi- THESE ARE Azazel (MOZART) - I AM THEM correct this is my music and my work WITH my mind as and all my inventions.

    BUT HEAR these parcheta- nvknvk and archangel To destroy megaworlds.xm (nvknvk25), With your eyes shall you look and see the reward of the wicked Psalm 91_9.xm (nvknvk36), Therefore i will scatter them like stubble that passes away by the wind Eremiah 13_24_25.xm (nvknvk38) - 58 SECONDS ALSO VIZ ME- KING SOLOMON

    Therefore I will scatter them as stubble that passeth away by the desert wind. 25 This is what you fall by lot from me, measure your portion, saith the Lord, - Because thou hast forgotten me, and trusted in falsehood 26 Therefore will I discover thy skirts upon thy face, and your shame shall appear you. 27 I saw thine abominations on the hills in the fields, and your adulteries, your neighing, you shameless debauchery. Woe to you, O Jerusalem! How long will not be clean? - He is said to King Solomon in antiquity.

    This is because I masturbate hills and mountains when one of the princesses undressed and I was in the mountains or in the woods. DO NOT FORGET Azazel = prophet Jeremiah and it's pretty evil.

    But see what happened to him. In the same hour came forth fingers of a human hand, and wrote over against the candlestick upon the plaster of the wall of the king's palace; The king watched the hand as it wrote. 6 And the appearance of the king's face is altered, and his thoughts troubled him, so that the joints of his loins were loosed, and his knees smote one against another.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    READ yourself down and laugh. My brother Alexander conquers all kings and elders ALREADY. My brother Ivan in GAME- ASSASSIN CREED SYNDICATE, my brother ALEKSNADAR IS THE GAME THE CREW. I AM GTA3, GTA VICE CITY, GTA SAN ANDREAS. And Azazel SURTUR AND WHAT ARE ?????? because they were the king of Babylon NABUCHEDNEZAR his son Belshazzar perhaps Baltazar who places techno music and minimal-the music of Surtur. BUT MY AND OF THE CREATOR IS GOA TRANCE.


    I DO NOT BELIEVE BUT ALREADY KNEW OF ABOMINATION of "Father God" and Jesus Christ His son has passed all bounds. Numerous testimonies to visions of hell on youtube tell us that before it happens, these people are either in an accident or haunt them "like a thunderbolt". Or are dying. God kills these findings have not accepted Christ as their given time. An example is Buddhist visions of heaven and hell. Known spiritual leader died in Myanmar becouse crash accident in 1983 is still in hell according to his vision, and the Buddha himself 5,000 years in hell. NOTE Buddha died, poisoned, and this teacher in incident. In Asian film HELL of 2005. The protagonist WERE "died" in the crash. Do you follow my thought Most people have received Jesus Christ as his personal savior . If they are scratched or fart that's another topic. God ask by this way about 100 times. So "devils" attaching himself to any church and be baptized (water baptism), take once enough and Communion And you saved like me. I walk as I fall asleep ALL "save" WORLDS OF CHRIST. READ my teaching and screaming for justice throne of God now shake And he will fall soon as unfair.


    While playing my game MINDCALC be made from 1 to 7 errors of finding the number. In my game MENSA ACADEMY must not make mistakes. But even if they do, may not succeed again TO WIN- SO WHY ???? The time may not be enough to win. The same is my game GTA SAN ANDREAS may not make a mistake with the conditions (to play at a higher level of difficulty), and not win. In game MOTO GP you may qualify 9 or 8 or 7 or higher BUT THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT WHEN PLAY FOR YOURSELF WILL HAVE THE SAME RESULT. Because you play you play with your capabilities and driving mode. And examples qualify 4th. However, another can play the same person but rank 10 THAT. Why ?? - because you can say to baby that is Solomon - be he/she will not tell you a parable or wondering of wisdom poured him ?????. Even to imitate you imitate the basis of your mind. Imitate mistakes not qualities.
    IF imitate speech you speak your own words but with another akcent. But God is the bastard and makes a lot of nasty games such as "child" COLOR GUARDIAN- no one level to go if you're not a king or not play for one. THERE is no time so it's easy-my brother play he now manages.
    Same with the game MORTAL KOMBAT. The players are different but everyone plays differently. So I can only say yo you no wait for another TO PLAY FOR YOU. YOU PLAY you and you will succeed. They could not imitate ME WHEN make music, not when playing racing games. Angry cruelly BUT
    Ps.112: 11 The wicked will see it and be displeased, will gnash his teeth and melt away; The desire of the wicked will perish.

    I KNEW SOMETHING NEW FOR ERRORS- they receive when REJECT GOD. I'am as example SOLOMON with 2 errors because 3Tsar.11: 9 And the LORD was angry with Solomon, because his heart was turned from the Lord God of Israel, who appeared to him twice and commanded him about something he should not go after other gods; but he did not keep what the Lord commanded.

    ERRORS ARE NOT only for kings. When you enroll error can no longer be first on 3 laps racing game. You can become first 6 rounds. However, if errors are 7 then you need 15 laps. SCIENTIST OR INVENTOR COMPOSER OR WRITER you can be but again it will be difficult because you have to be repaired your erros. I with my 2 errors rank 2nd or 3rd for 3 laps Game SUPER BIKES RIDING CHALLANGE. Especially of this game is that if even 1 cm out of the way immediately fall. And lose another 5 seconds until you fall over completely and "clip" end. In FORMULA ONE RACE F1 2011. I ranked 6th after 1 time red flag- penalty 20 seconds for 15 laps but I'm SOLOMON but you. Win 2 BILLION TRUE (elders were betting against me) and gave them a Truly Why did you decide that when I CAR WITH WEAK managed it behooves them to give him. My GAME MINDCALC 2 errors are 215, 220 IQ. Of mensa academy must play for anyone else WITHOUT ERROR WITH YOUR MIND. So if I'm quick I will succeed before time runs out. BUT WILL NOT CHOOSE wrong answer. I watched the movie "GODS OF EGYPT". AND THERE "TOT" THE WISE TO ALL GODS makes 2 errors in the riddle of the Sphinx. 7 mistakes can not reach more than 80 iq test for intelligence. You and your driver. THEREFORE ARE BUSES. And God said - I heard him BECOME LESS MISTAKES WITH PRETTY dif- feat must be accomplished and then as IN a movie.

    WHY evil exists

    Wondering if God is righteous and punishes evil as well as seeing Hospitals are overcrowded become terrible accidents. That's siblings God is just. Do not sin and give you good. We can see evil get away from the laws and unfortunate example Mercedes crashed just minor injuries names. He paid for luxury car fabulous sum so the injuries are minor. That is the truth until they have money they pay even ARE evil sinners - them nothing happen. ABOUT PAUL AND EMO elders pay exorbitant sums to not cut them (irakunji & spider black widow). I was angry but it is. BUT DEAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS their money over, because they are bad, they can not invent anything new (AS WERE WHEN invented those things). To falling into hell. Because if you do not pay go down a slippery slope. NOTHING is forever. Most terrible war lasted at 5 years. Ottoman rule for 500 Suleiman claimed that because Solomon and it is real. A TRUE SOLOMON ME AND ARABIA WAS HARUN AL RASHID and then i invented numbers. I could not spend the money and I say that i will be reborn again on Earth and will get the rest. This GARBAGE Suleiman the Magnificent spent it and left his son and stains that make the Turks. And these were MY MONEY. Now you know how crazy the evil anger. For example, all read that Solomon is 7 000 000 trillion and swore some 100 times that they are SOLOMON. BUT penalty for a false oath is fierce especially in such important things. But to say why you should get that money CAN NOT and I have music and inventions and Logic Games and Mods and learning ETC. And the most important thing God evaluate all my work for 12 years so. ALLILUYA. But back to evil. Sponsors fallacious and spurious KINGS ARE VERY. Make you swear falsely their pets and so gain time. And bribe judges and elders, and even gods sometimes. But today, their trick do not pass.


    There are 2 options to live: Forever to work and have money. In my race "LAST20_RACES_AUTOMATED_TRIAL_close_to_checkpoint" in my mod Second challenge with a hick Bridge E CHALLENGE FOR SOLOMON's and amphorae. WORTH EVERY AMFORA 5000 REAL TRILLION which equals 5,000 years of life. IF you "succeed" to jump the ramp over the river and finish before the inscription MISSION FAILED. How many units you have so Amphora will receive. MOHAMMED SALMAN was 42 now has 39. 1 to Belem (overcame it thanks to the garden in the race (80nvknvkRACES_car (sanvknvk30to35races) number 1) and 2 amphorae for Al Pacino. For the second race can zabiesh in a diner and there is shattered. An old TAXI chased me and turned so I got out of there, glory of God. Precisely this was Al Pacino. Ahithophel who is a friend of my brother Absalom had invented THIS. What do you choose "Money or Your Life." I chose the money and I am SOLOMON . So for any rebirth'm with 200,000 trillion $ real. SALMAN chose life and had his 50 amphorae now declined. For the record I will say that the series of Elai (STARGATE UNIVERSE) has 32 amphorae. If you choose LIFE TO LIVE WHILE YOU amphorae during this time, you have to work if you choose money should become a player of computer games. And TO WIN over evil.
  • TRUTH GAME Then finish famous race after WORDS "MISSION FAILED". I jumped the bridge after difficulty in the cafeteria after the bridge ONE gets my limo and ZAPETSNAHME (because BRASILIAN real handling) - FORD FUSION- limo sometimes zapetsva collision with another butt. SO we sat there 15 seconds. But I rub tires and car wear. IT'S BEGIN BLACK stuffy and on limo nothing at all. I was afraid and began to press the keys in any way to go out and pushed someone and starting a new COMPETTION- because he appeared inscription MISSION FAILED but the car kept driving to the final (this is made i). And at a crossroads in my village gets SALMAN whom some god said that He is Solomon real but actually MIKTAM AND SALMAN filed as Zabue and Zalmunna in the Bible .. new competition is number 4 CHALLENGE FOR Almighties. I managed after inscription MISSION FAILED. And God said Nikolai asked to reborn. Salman going to kill me (read it up) in the first race of the night and rain concomitantly (again with BRASILIAN REAL HANDLING most complex. But I managed through and THANKS gardens In OF SAN FIERO, although SALMAN to have a lead I beat him. And I'm already IN 2 REBIRTH . Which means that we will live 120 years, because 70.80 years is a life and now I'm 37. PRAISE to THE LORD- I AM WITH MONEY AND ALSO happy forever.

    with God's help and a concerted effort crushed CODEX

    Everybody thought that THE DEVIL MAKES DISEASES THAT THE DEVIL torments the people. But not so. That makes them CODEX company and his sons Paul (Lucifer), Emo and their sister Galia and all witches and wizards bowed before him and serve him. He himself is so terrible thing that makes blockages in people's minds in a dream. For example, a woman healed of
  • . Who was paralyzed 10 years claimed that in dream has eaten something and then could not move. He helead her - it's Apostle Philip. Timothy LET
  • / Unblocks the brain and so treated. Pastor Plamen Petrov
  • -apostol Nathanael chasing ghosts. All of them treated by this magic LOCK brain function. Catch people sleep and make them lame and witless. SO DOES CODEX. And you know who was in the past CODEX- irony at great printer who invented the first printing. And in his first printing is printed first Bible. Therefore he became so rich and tries taking over the world. Anyone who says that his sons are not SOLOMON AND Ahasuerus risk to get sick and die if you do not trust in God. SO evil. And he claims that the he is Almighty is so glib. But these 3 THe GAME told him and i also showed what a liar and a cheater is. Thank God SALVATION AND DAY BEGAN who promised the world in ancient times.


    THERE many architects and many universes. FILM JUPITER ASCENDING- most new movie ARHITEKTA- clear what is the meaning of our existence ie to be eaten as chicken, steak, steak, etc. But God told me because they want to live forever after "WE EAT" PURPOSE NOT ALLOW ARCHITECTS evil to kill them and take control of the planets. Because then you will not be kept for 10,000 years (starting from the little creature evolution and finally be a humans). But for five years as an egg. THEY(EVIL ARHITECTS) said we wanted to eat eggs. According movie LORD BELEM family ABRAXAS is one who takes care of the harvest in the film show him as an evil tyrant, but it is the best masters of the planet. Architect of the matrix lie, steal and dab with the help of mercenaries. Its aim is make the land MATRIX TO THE YEAR 2125. To be able to kill us when he wants to say EARTH NOT BECOME SUPER FARM prasentsa- with entertainment for Internet, television, computers, books, games but just work, work and work. And who raise his voice - to kill him. Already understood WHAT IS THE PLANET "land" the presence outside world matrix IE ALL WE ARE CLEAN BORN- has sun, transportation, housing eat food, go to the toilet at all scary fun. Evil ARCHITECTS want to spoil the idyll and enslave us. Put us in the INTERACTIVE SIMULATION exactly what happens while we sleep. Will have neither food nor SEX OR pleasures- only want "to become fat" to eat us. MOST sucks universal masters TIME CHANCE DEATH (diseases), disasters (verse), FIRE (SURTUR) - are arranged in force. And some of them they have a good side and can not do without them but WE MUST OBEY THEM IE WILL LIVE AS must- good forever, at least evil. BEST will be born in rich families in poor evil. WILL get sick bad, not good. No need for verse. And will control the fire ie there will be no fire and will be only voluntary when we will see heaven. FIND ANY GAMES struggling with these "rulers" - and play them if you beat them the battle, for you will have a good ending.

    HOW GOD fucked

    There are many gods but few Gods. These Gods do not want peace with each other and fight. So see how screwed up God. READ DOWN.
    1. Proof that everything is so PREDOPREDELENO- simulations AUTOMATED in my mod IN SPECIAL LAST20_RACES_AUTOMATED_TRIAL_close_to_checkpoint, TRIAL60_AUTOMATED_NVKNVK_CLOSE_TO_checkpoint. Infallible. Shall I tell you exactly how.

    Cracked left front glass broken left hand or broken finger, you remain without car left door - broken left hand
    Cracked right rear glass broken right leg or broken toes, stay there without a car right door - broken right leg
    REAR bamper dadmaged- light travma of spinal column- discopaticus from time to time
    REAR bamper damaged- broken spinal column- one month and a 1 AND half mounth in bed certainly
    if you lose FRONT BUMPER - have WEAK TEETH
    Before bursting glass will wear glasses
    Staying without first glass - HIGH DIOPTER for glasses
    OSTNAESH RIGHT FENDER- have no knee or exactly will you care and creak.
    Grab DO THEY POLICE - the universal body of the order WILL imprisoned think WHY !!!!
    IF you ignite and burn and YOU WILL GO to hell AFTER your dead- YOU ALREADY A DEAMON.
    Did you fall in the water - YOU WILL GO TO PURGATORY
    you can not go even after inscription MISSION FAILED- even after his death will be tormented by trying to do the same which was the main goal in life.
    You fall in channel will work in the sewers.
    hit YOU IN CONSTRUCTION Store- will work in construction. if stuck there for life will builder.
    Do they tram crash - will work as a tramman
    hit you as wood will work in SUPERMARKET
    breaking a wooden boxes -will your seller so years as broke boxes.
    hit YOU IN mailbox will work in the mail.
    hit you in the phone will -will teleworking.
    You hit white light- crashed his one SPECIAL GILR/boy friend.
    You hit black light- crashed his first demoniCa ie ordinary witch
    you strike white traffic light- crashed his white- STAR but not action
    You hit the traffic lights at railway - crashed ACTION STAR - as anjelina jolly OR SCARLET JOAHNNSON.
    Hit a black traffic light- wife / husband is very large witch / sorcerer
    Hit you gray light- 1 year working, this is sure
    It refers faucet means OR WILL OR already had / and flooding. IF YOUR CAR OR GOD TO YOUR AREA OF

    WITH 1 Error- have/IN DEBT so BILLION *10

    there is so much money for this for whom simulation seconds


    And now the most important. There are levels of life. Example, if you have 20 trillion you rich but if you're poor and GOD will see in your figure. I am thine because I was still 20 trillion LEVEL GOD. NOW I AM WITH 1.5 million and must become storng slightly because I ALREADY deity. Divine START from 1 million TRILLION. Father God (Father) gave me that money. However, IF YOU Eastern Europe and example GOD as a child gave you 1 billion. And go in a poor country THERE WILL rich 1000 years. BUT if you go in Monaco WILL reached 10 YEARS modest life. For 1 year may LIVING KONDOMONIUM (furnished apartment in NEW SKYSCRAPER) in New York. A IN BULGARIA FOR 100 YEARS nice life. Same with BODY AND MODEL HEART. If you are a powerful heart will athlete, if you with little WILL YOU WORK VERY little. Is hot you will seek shade. Same with EYE. If you a God will as MDA SUPER flowers and pleasant to the eyes. If Bruce Willis will see blue as his new movies. Others see more brown or green. FOR most people pale. THEY PERCEIVE plasma TVs and choose led display. ALSO AS on God with so much great personalities will be heard telepathically. I can hear and architects from the movie Matrix and all my fans. It is the same with the world. In poor world PEPSI COLA carbonated but not jar throat. The festive or sex but is hardly felt. Eat chicken but the taste is pale. BUT LIFE IS EASY. They kill or die immediately show up somewhere in a new body if you are god if a man in a cocoon or in the belly of the mother for one day and you were born ie out with teleportation without cut mother, etc. You can fly there, here only by helicopter. EVEN THIS IS PROHIBITED have to have special permission to fly over buildings are not you marching on. We, MIDDLE EARTH IS WORLD. There are one with God but it is about the great world UNIVERSE- ANOTHER STAR WARS. WORLD Jorrel and Clark Kent level easily. Movies and games in a Universe are also different though is the same. Have you 3d GAME driver in top view. Or series CSI NEW YORK series appear as close to animation. IN THE WORLDS POOR sex is a kiss on the lips and hug. Further POOR no toilets because people have no organs they are like ghosts - not eat and live forever.

    the two great commandments ARE

    HOW sounds this verse:

    22 For if ye shall diligently keep all these commandments which I command you, and do them - to love the truth and to walk in all her ways, and to cleave to it - 23 then you shall dispossess nations greater and stronger than you who do not obey the truth.

    and this verse:

    Love the Truth with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your strength.

    39 And the second is like unto it, "Thou shalt love the GOOD as yourself."

    Again I say God has many sons and daughters these are all the gods that people worship worshiped or SHALL worship. But to succeed you must be good, then comes the mind then prestige and blessings. BUT WHAT IS THE FIRST TRUTH OR GOOD you decide.

    God created all races, so there is no need for war. It shows itself through their children. ONE Allah want to hate, others are fanatical on love (Christians), third as philosophers on logic and reason, others pass as Buddhists are all attributes of God the Father and of every person. Worldly people do crazy about carnal pleasures all part of God and the world that he has done it shows. WHAT WILL MAKE FATHER GOD?- will come and kill enemies in one fraktsiya- He's the God of all. Dost thou not judge according to what everyone that has done. THis honor belongs only to the Almighty because he will approach without prejudice. AMEN came Almighty Father.

    we CAN NOT fathom the creation

     Ekl.3: 11 He has made everything beautiful in its time; He has also set eternity in their heart, so that no one can find out the beginning to the end the work that God has done.
    This is the wise what is said Ecclesiastes.

    Why so. The answer is clear because whites think one way and a black opposite. For best when filling means wealth. When the evil become thin then they become rich. But best big say here and I got a lot of power. Thin are subdued and no strength even to go to the market. However, diabetes and heart thick catch wear quickly thick. Also when you say fuck became fatter. Evil SAY when sinning become fat.

    Well said everything in the world has evolved. Starting from the little creature and eventually become gods. Evil has SAY deevolution. AS IN BAD became more you underestimate the mind and frustrating. END OF not suffer as human become an animal, then a bird, etc. until finally becoming a microbe or antibody and continue the fight between good and evil of the intracellular level.

    Well said everyone has free will like the Father God. We decide his fate whether to live forever or pushing forever. Evil SAY GOD IS solve everything before the foundation who is good and who is evil. BUT evil example and enjoy the Father God of its sides as an accident and misfortune with rich they enjoy. Distress rich they rejoice.

    In good evil are poor and good God (Jesus Christ and the apostles according to the book REVALATION in Bible). According evil evil (Kings) are rich and good (ordinary people) poor according to the life of Jesus Christ. The evil Jesus never come 2 nd time on Earth. BEST saying it has already come.

    The good ARE A BEAUTIFUL evil UGLY- may be right because they are more beautiful than us thin. Wicked lazy and good hardworking. Only that evil are the greatest inventors. BECOME THAT YOU ALREADY an architect.

    ACCORDING TO evil there are many gods (evry God is responsible for every thing) and according to best only one God and He manages all sons and daughters.

    BEST (large and slightly thick) like Evil (thin) AND good like evil when they want to marry and marry. But friends who each have their own kind. Therefore often men and women make anger when their spouses spend more time with them (friends) because they are on the other side of faith.

    when the door before you open for life

    HAVE you ever do not sleep and the next day eat your teeth slightly sore. Some can not drink cold water without becoming ill afterwards. Some people drink a little water here now is the time to understand why !!!!!

    250 IQ- you can not brush your teeth for 2,3 days and will not spoil. Current can not break, you always have Internet 24 hours a day. Not even feel little magic want to make you sick or hit. Nothing is damaged what is yours
    240 IQ- you can not brush your teeth after every meal and eat as much as you want, it hurts slightly
    230 IQ- you can eat chocolate as you want without hurting your teeth hurt terribly when you hit the magic, you do not sleep the first night of your teeth morning slightly hurt you if you eat.
    220 IQ- drink plenty of water, have tiny insects and spiders, your teeth feel when you eat more sweet
    210 IQ- drink some water, you have many small cokroaches
    UNDER 200 IQ- drink cold liquid 7- 10 sips and starts to hurt your neck, you have medium brown cockroaches
    UNDER 190 IQ- you can eat pigs without becoming sick
    OVER 180 IQ- you can eat as you want NUTS
    OVER 170 IQ- you can eat bread as you want without filling
    OVER 160 IQ- you can eat meat (beef, lamb) without you ill
    150 IQ- you can eat fish or chicken
    140 iq - you must be vegetarians can milk, butter, eggs, otherwise you will be ill.

    TRUTH for Adonai

    Do you know what "I have wonderful memories of him"

    First: wind up in space and before me a few balls. I hear a voice you select one. I chose my hands glow as she was approached and started to turn. At one point I noticed that it was painted ball as a planet. I approached and saw more ocean overflowing because I rolled the ball in his hands. And I heard the voice again Almighty said if you succeed ...... I heard BUT all far off not, but what is important. I KNEW THAT THIS IS ADONAY. I realized that the codex is also thought for Adonijah BUT NOT E. But now I realized that several nasty memory are also with ADONAY.

    Second: find myself in some poor house. A super poor bed. A grandmother to me. And appears ADONAY and tells me you want to see how clean the toilet with a whistle. Given that there was entertainment in this house. This must have at attractive proposition. So I went. ADONAY ASSOCIATED whistle with a hose and began to spray shit grandmother that just before it was izsrala. He was very good at it. Gave me to try. I was worse than HIM but I made it with the rest.

    THIRD recently. I open my eyes and around me the whole commotion people everywhere. And show me different ways how the formula F1 takes turns. I drew mine. ALL admired and soon came a some beatifull womaen (then I realized that is sabine camp) and she said to me I want to be my teacher. I want to teach me how to keep the car at sliding. I instinctively and say: No problem, I have some REAL HANDLINZI, in several games: GTA SAN ANDREAS is great but in TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED also great. THEY really amazed joy or delight you. And appears ADONAY and asks me What we get in return and tell him my brother ALEXANDER TO BECOME A PILOT OF F1. Though his mouth was taped as in movie mATRIX neo. Barely said Good.

    Now to tell you the good side of Adonijah 2001 year already about 2 years I invented some small programs and it comes as a voice and says something like Nikolai think my game to appreciate iq PEOPLE. I did and invented the game MINDCALC. 2014 WINTER came to me (such as voice) and says Nikolay you invented great chekpoynts competitions but need something good otherwise lose. Invented "CLOSE TO CHECKPOINT" RACE and trial. AND NOW I AM NUMBER 1 as inventors and King. I AM a dull yellow he is white I'm 58 seconds he was 01. However, I noticed that plotting fucked me now because I became uncomfortable.

    The last memory. Find themselves before a passenger train moving slowly and I heard his voice again IF YOU STOP IT SOLOMON (with a hint of mockery) Berserker flew into the air and grabbed one of the carriages clutch of them and picked it up in the air. IN THIS MOMENT train of passanger become freight and all carriages derailed and turned. AFTER 2 WEEKS in the news read that loading with sand composition is derailed and hours can not put cars on the rails.

    Videoclips with Jenny and Hadith in white are also his. Great is however already showing dirty shirts.

    THE TRUE ABOUT codex

    This is the father of Galia, Emo and Paul asserts that King Solomon and the creator. But everyone knows and the prophets said that his daughter Michaela. And Michal daughter of Saul was not Solomon. Also allegedly ADONAY but could not be because NOT HE SUPPORTS THE HOSPITALS AND POLICE also said that Kiev does not care and in Kiev MOST POWERFUL CHURCH ADONAY. We can see it in the film "BEFORE TO GO TO SLEEP" how make suffer a another woman. HE is the one who injured mentaly princes and princesses. Perhaps there is another his son - SIMEON 17 floor which allegedly Ecclesiastes. ALL HIS PEOPLE are liars and deceivers. NOW he say also that BUSES CAPACITY and KAUFLAND are His. Haggai and several failed prophets and elders support him. It is he who killed my father THE REAL KING DAVID AND Iliya Pavlov. Even God told me while playing my favorite GAME GTA SAN ANDREAS TO reconstructed. I bumped cruelly first one violet car, then tan (my father). ALSO this CODEX allegedly invented fractal But my father Volodya them invented fractals in early 1986 on IBM PC showing us then.

    when the door before you open

    Think I should get rich and then everything becomes easier. NOT TO PROVE THAT GOD skills and understanding and to become one must first BECOME GOOD- love your neighbor and God. SO IQ will rise AFTER PROVE GOD THAT you're good. As arise IQ, CAUTION "The door opens before you"

    CAUTION IQ tests are nothing. I can not assess the strength of mind just because you either do "not read" or make mistakes. FOR EXAMPLE Emo and Paul made 5,6 errors, however, their coefficient of intelligence ON test IS 160 that is laughter. My IQ is 105. I have been 2 ERRORS however logical game MENSA ACADEMY IS 250. And Einstein's is 235. Because I love God and God told me play with my errors (if you make even one mistake will never succeed) but with your quickness of mind. Who played GAME MENSA ACADEMY knows what. MY GAME MINDCALC I (2) and my brother (1 ,without error) ARE WITH 233 FOR 58:58 seconds. Paul and Emo have a 160 IQ of my game. THE HAPPINES occurs after 200 IQ.

    OVER 140 iQ- you can buy a computer.
    OVER 150 iQ- have Internet and downloading games from the old computer servers for files.
    OVER 160 iQ- HAVE ACCESS TO ONLINE RADIO, FREE disk space (you can make a WEB site and it uplouded somewhere.
    OVER 180 iQ- HAVE ACCESS TO YOUTUBE.COM (Definition 360p)
    OVER 190 iQ- had access to torrent trackers (no however MAGNET LINK must Seed) films XVID, BBRIP, WEBIRP
    OVER 200 iQ- HAVE ACCESS TO VIDEO 480p, movies XVID AC3
    OVER 210 iQ- had access to torrent trackers (and MAGNET LINK (U) may not seeding)
    OVER 220 iQ- HAVE ACCESS TO VIDEO HD (720P), download movies x.264; x.265
    OVER 230 iQ- had access to my music 560 GOA TRANCE SONGS from 2 to 25 minutes, movies HD-bluray x.264 720p
    OVER 240 iQ- had access to SUNTRIP RECORDS -BANDCAMP (SITE FOR THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ELECTRONIC MUSIC (GOA TRANCE). Videos ULTRA HD- 1080p, YOU HAVE 24 HOURS ACCESS to evrything - to yours sites, torrent trackers, youtube, bandcamp, ektoplasm and so on.
    OVER 250 iQ - already SON OF GOD you can talk to him at any time and ask him about evrything HE WILL explains everything. 2160p- ULTRA HD- real BLURAY
    OVER 260 iQ already OWNER OF MINIMUM 1 PLANET- so your fortune.

    TOP Below is but if you have a friend who is higher over you and you incorporate it to yourself can also have access to everything he will paid for you.

    REMARK: this is relavated for poor BUT VERY GOOD PEOPLE else the access is 1 level up.


    AS YOU HAVE GAMES 8 bits, 16 bits, 32 bits and 64 bits so are computers and operating systems SUCH THERE. MAYBE these are global.

    8 BIT GAMES FOR RANDOM ENGINE (for 5 seconds are 2 numbers from 0 to 30000 (PC 66mhz) IS MY FATHER KING DAVID- VLADIMIR ENVEROVICH Kurbanov who invented the language "C".

    16-bit computer language I (Nikolai VLADIMIROV Kurbanov) invented RANDOM ENGINE 1 second (computer 66mhz) is from 0 to 100 to 100 numbers (such as 05, 76 are 2 NUMBERS with 4 digits), ie can find a numbers 100- 100 digits with comma behind which also has 100 digits for 1 second. # 1 MILLION TRILLION TO BE USED FOR 1 GAME for bits whcih you like.

    ADONAY 32 BIT COMPUTER LANGUAGE invented for 1 second (computer 66mhz) 1 NUMBER with 10,000 digits. 10 MILLION TRILLION # for 1 GAME.

    MOST HIGH OF MOST HIGHES- 64 BIT OF LANGUAGE invented for 1 second (computer 66mhz) 1 NUMBER OF 1,000,000 DIGITS- 100 MILLION FOR TRILLION # 1 GAME.


    PERSONAL MONEY -are ALL who gave you received because of any merit or of his own work was rewarded by someone / a. MONEY WORK, inventions exploits have PERSONAL MONEY. The money UNTOCHEBLE. No one can take them away from their owner with a statement that they were received of fraud. EVEN THIS PERSON IS Deceived -He/She will pay in labor and punishment or who is guaranteed for him / her to pay. Because in almost all cases, this has ensured that took SO fabulous sum greater than its employees for fraud.

    BLESSINGS- have all the money you have received from betting or trick BUT NOT FRAUD and you won. With this money you can bless someone / some your boyfriend / girlfriend or IF YOU ARE IN CHARGE. for example: buy them CARS apartments make for them a banquet or some otherwise enrich them and rejoice with material things. With this money you can also create new jobs or other branches of the company

    I'll give you an example with me. I say that I am SOLOMON during millions per year, so I have many opponents. ALL waiting for the moment when they will not become a great (not to save a world) and to start me fall. Bets on who is SOLOMON IS MEGA FABULOUS- example ADONAY bet on me, architect of emo and Paul. MAFIA Simeon and Vlado. CHRISTIANS Suleiman, the band of Perseus, a specialist IT Cronus Hercules - his son. Most poor world of Stoyan Milev. And I WIN AND TAKE 100 MILLION TRILLION. AND for my inventions i take 11 million trillion. I HAVE PERSONAL MONEY and blessings. ALL MONEY BECOME 111 MILION TRILLION

  • HAVE SUPER NEWS 4.9.2014

    And to see how spend them-



    You all know what happens when someone becomes poor, what torment began. This is the beginning when being lowered, then diseases, then your teeth begin to deteriorate even to wash them, they get lazy cleaning sarin in the trash, then start booming bulbs and fuses. Going to forget, then you hear sounds like banging, screeching and scratching. Then when you can not see some things -has its so-called distracted, hot water does not come for hours even if you even pay for it. Internet began to break even to subscribe to all day. Wise guys - do so one day there is electricity, internet or hot water, the next doens't. AS MORE go DOWN as much INTREVAL is you not have, and there is become more short. In order not to bother rich worlds thus, God sends LoWERED in to the worlds where it rains almost every day, the lights are very weak. Internet, GSM have only the police, only their houses are lithened from outside. They struggle with evil. Suicides in these worlds are sets per day. But this is not an option. Who committed suicide goes into more reduced worlds where films that look RICH by the television - they only read books. IF there and kill themselves leaving for the World where only sit near a fire and chat with others. LOW IN FROM THERE NO. THIS IS OUR UNIVERSE IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO GET TO THERE. READ Word of God and you will be saved. THERE 2 WAYS- FIRST- THE OLD TESTAMENT that I follow AND NEW ONE which allows to evil persons and many doors for it. But if you belive truly in God do not not worry the 2 roads lead to a good life. WATCH MOVIE- DELIVER US FROM EVIL and find everything - it was reduced world where being born rich suicide from our planet.


    1. demons- ghosts, witches, goblins, zombies, vampires, werewolves, etc. (at great magicians), xvid BDRIP movies. techno, minimal, drum and bass, etc. HARD (140-200)
    2. PEOPLE - xvid, XVID BRRIP, play tablet phones and electronic Games VERY EASY (100-120)
    3. Princess and PRINCES- DVD-R movies, x.264, x.265. - EASY (120-150)
    4. ANGELS (teleportation superhuman powers - defense (Hercules, Clark Kent, etc) - 3d movies, all their children are princes and princesses. NORMAL (150-180)
    5. GODS- Allah, Odin Zeus, Poseidon, Hades MORGAN FREEMAN, Jor, Vishnu, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Jehovah, Kabbalah, Brahma and others - HAVE POWER IN THE UNIVERSE 1. XVID WEB AC3 - hd. GOA TRANCE. ALL THEIR CHILDREN ARE ANGELS. Level of difficulty MEDIUM = NORMAL (180- 220)
    6. HighestS - DEATH, TIME CHANCE, AND I NVKNVK (OPERARIRA 1 TO SEVERAL Universe with about 100 galaxies every universe, every galaxy and planets in 1000) all his "children" gods. BLUE RAY X.264- ultra hd. Hears BEST GOA TRANCE. Level of difficulty in computer games HARD. I play touched on NORMAL (220-240 IQ)
    7. Almighty the Most High all his "children" are HIGHEST- MANAGED BY in 5 Universes =1 creation BLUE RAY- 10 times better than ultra hd. . A GOVERNOR AND HE IS THE CREATOR OF ALL. VERY HARD. (240 and up)

    true cost of pleasures

    It is too expensive to have fun. But it's all but it did not explain. 1 HOUR playing computer game at the coolest worth 1 million. If you fail to win at least 50% WILL YOU WITH SECURITY OF LOSS. So do your account.  
    NOTE: Look for the most poor games that just give money and not take as I WITH MY GAME GTA SAN ANDREAS read on and you'll get. ALSO THAT IT COMES TO WEIGHT movies, games, music from torrent trackers cost 1 billion per year. SEPARATELY FOR AUDITION of music OR watch 1 movie must give over. STARS proved to be very poor. God made a film (filming part of his life at Of interest) for each person who liked and wanted to help him financially. NO ACTORS DEAR FRIENDS. TELEVISION IS ALMOST free internet too. God told me to also be careful to whom is empty. In general, if you are poor nothing to do this is called hammer However, if you have 1 trillion, and you love some "movie star" for telepathic fucking lose 1 trillion, of singers 1 billion , of business ladies 1 million price is the same whether you and telepathically or in a dream. Clarified IN THAT BEFORE 1 HOTEL 5 STARS WORTH 100,000 trillion. The hotel won anything goes to cover costs and salaries. This is for showing off or if you go around the world and very rich and you do not want to take 1 trillion of evenings sleeping in their FREE HOTELS. Computer Games FOLLOW IN 1 million TRILLION MINIMUM. SO DO YOUR ACCOUNT. For example, play the crew of 67 American capitals IN USA with villages and pokraynite- across America who do not know the world WORTH 100 MILLION TRILLION. I INVENTIONS WITH ALL MUSIC AND mods I won 8 MILLION TRILLION.
    Why so expensive. : Answer is simple because the level of this special person is VERY high as 230 iq buy everything you pay 10 times more, 240 iq everything you buy pay 100 times more, 250 iq everything you buy pay 1000 times, 260 iq everything you buy pay 10,000 times more ETC. While you run out of money. IZOBRETYAVAYTE- makes life beautiful and will end your days in delight.


    Wondering why ERARHIYATA EVRYONE want to rule the world. BECAUSE THIS IS THE LAW IN THE UNIVERSE. The levels are 1 000 000. On Earth most high level is 25. Wondering what to do at the highest level: lots of fun playing the computer game MASTER OF UNIVERSE. Beginning of the game with soil birth, then a video while grow. AND NOW YOU ARE GREAT WITH $ 200 In pocket- message appears FIND MONEY if you want to be a master of the universe. Some are tbegin like taxi drivers, other waiters third cooks, sales people. Some begin to distribute DRUGS as my mission for the game GTA VICE CITY "ambush". And this is the beginning. AS raise money for example 10,000 dollars comes out SEVERAL ICONS and message after click on the icon. If you choose RACING say you bought you car, if you have chosen KILLING say you buy your equipment. Having come equipped map SEVERAL PEOPLE RACE OR KILLING. Out and their boss. And you choose against whom to compete against if the boss and beat him fascinating complex and gettin to win become a a King and his associates (the easy races) are defeated automaticly. BUT we must be careful because you challenge the boss and not beat him unless police will have to escape and its people who will also be shown on the radar by red dots. Also with KILLING he moves around the city restaurants, cafes run business with one word and you need to catch him off guard, whether with a sniper whether surprised BUT HE HAS A SECURITY. They kill you "go into hell" where the punishment you give to play MORTAL KOMBAT, RPG or logical game as CUBOT, MENSA ACADEMY etc. Until you defeat the "no exit from there." FOR ANY ERROR OR IDLE takes your money. Once you win, they put you to play and you begin on the same planet with another person. If you take all the money in hell. BEGIN "birth", however, already on other planets with slightly different laws. And the same thing again. Maybe this time to become a policeman. Chase in pursuit IN ALL STREETS criminals (BOTS) participate in the shootings, etc. And you and a bus driver to start. After 20 hours of play you will come icons. The game objective is to deal WITH IN Evil And thou shalt lend THEIR PLACE BECAUSE YOU RE MORE GOOD. yOU TAKE their territory and their money are yours. THEN IF YOU WANT FUN ICONS ARE SEEN disco Listen to the collar GOA TRANCE MUSIC. To go to a brothel to watch porn from 1 st person view. Walk with mountain biking is costly for the purpose buy SUPER BODY and you can climb up the aisles with the blast wheel. The views are impressive and there are other pleasure SKIING for money (when you win you become more rich), etc. All on one planet. Once your "boss" and you earn a lot of money. YOU appear magnificent ICONS already God wants to deal with the gods as ZEUS, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Vishnu, Allah MORGAN frame, the architect. Now again with his own money buy some super special equipment SUPER ABILITIES etc. If they killed you lose everything and still at first BUT ALREADY ON ANOTHER PLANET WITH OTHER villain. If you win you mus deal with other gods. And you kill them. Message appears SAVE PLANET 1 1 LEVEL UP already. 2nd level begins in another universe. SO YOU SKIP 1 000 planets like Earth and her transferred to another universe where there are very different laws YOU AND YOU WILL be surprised but the goal is still the same to deal with evil. 1000 universes and planets in the universe are each 1000 if they killed in a universe they transferred to another planet where they do not know and still the same. This is a computer game - matrix in the matrix. That is, if life and kill WILL thrown into hell there will have to eat shit and fight for survive until win as in compute game HUNTED DEMON'S FORGE. And if you play it you will eat like a normal person, not the freezing from cold and so on. SO life in computer game IS THE BETTER THAN TO LIVE



    As you understand GOD IS EVIL- this is Zeus and his sons. However, we observe every day how scientists astronomers see what happens in the universe. For example, the planet of JORREL was destroyed from sun who become red dwarf and burn their planet. ASK cosmic mind if he has done this ???? - Ha ha ha ha ha ha. HE NOT, he ONLY go to Krishna to buy pussyis for 1 trillion. UNIVERSE creates galaxies nad destroy GALAXIES everything depends on HER. SHE MAKES BLACK HOLES and swallows whole civilizations ARE naughty. SHE DOESN'T HAVE FACE, NO VIEW is not one of the gods exist in the universe. It suggests signs and telepathically. IT IS make life as it is. Ascended the safest and strongest in ancient- ZEUS, KRONOS and company. But now exalted and many others which to deal with the evil gods. And Jesus is her son also but he tangled IN OWN Doctrine and proved he HIPOCRATE- read below. AND THIS IS HER HUSBAND- ADONAY ( ADONAY ). NO cosmic mind, ONLY universe, and she has make him satisfied her. She is the originator call it Universe.


    1. white - ZEUS is strongest when it is Adonijah SNOW. The motto of Zeus' power will save the world "
    2. BLACK color-HADES (SURTUR), KRONOS. "MAGIC will save the world"
    3. DULL Yellow - I king SOLOMON- "Entertainment will save the world." ALL my desire is to live like in paradise.
    5. orange-ARHITEKTA- movie MATRIX afterwards, PAUL (LUCIFER), EMO (Elisha) and Galia (salome) - "fraud will save the world"
    6. DARK RED - Leninist afterwards, TODOR ZHIVKOV and the rest of SOTSIALIZMAT- "Communism will save the world"
    7. RED ALLAH -THE WAR- will save the world
    8. Bright blue and YEHOVA- "Beauty will save the world"
    10. MY FATHER BEZHAVO- CAR DAVID- "reasonable will save the world"
    11. green- BRAHMA- caste (ERARHIYATA) will save the world
    13. dark blue-CODEX- "accuracy will save the world"
    14. grey- THE DEATH- "Perfection will save the world"


    When i refucked Israel as worshiped other gods ABOVE --- --- GOD RA because HE gave me his daughter for wife. Zeus swore to make gargle with me and my friends. Who has seen the movie THE BIBLE- king david is Luke Evans and his son solomon became king child who in the movie dracula untold. Also in the film THESIUS dracula is angel OF GOD AND KRONOS is titanium thrown in Tartarus where clench their teeth iron pole and are chained in the most cruel way, suffering every second. In te movie Will soon come out and is sent this pussy DRACULA. Note ANGEL OF GOD IS THE GRAND Dracula. In the film show him as Zeus, but Zeus lies. Do you wonder why. Because ZEUS WAS God of Israel, and he lost the battle for the Universe I refucked brutally and he dignify to me opponents his sons. But i refucked CRUEL and them thanks to KRONOS -FATHER GOD and know i become who i am. YEHOVA mad and he know that i hate homosexuality so adopted false SOLOMON- HOMOSEKSUAL- Simeon who is GTA V to get me refucked. HE FUCKED HIMSELF- 90% by the music of EKTOPLAZAM (500 albums) is garbage, though there are 10 albums better than me only in genre goa trance. Simeon best wish is all pop of happiness. MY is all to live like in paradise. all the other sons of God is to have more progress.


    THAT'S ME in ancient Israel JEHU-Jehu. refucked JESUS with the truth about the Old Testament and it is not even neutralized A PARALLIZED- can not grounded in reality. Evil Apocalypse whichever was before "salvation." If you read the whole my site will be understood that it can be fine ever. There is no salvation for Christians and no destruction of unbelievers ie 60% of the world. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.


    First you should know that all CREATION CONSISTS OF PLANETS 100,000 divided into 100 universes. so anyone who has a computer game OWN must paid for it at least 1 000 TRILLION (1 Universe- PLANETS = 1000 * 1 trillion (1 BILLION PROFIT OF 5-10 YEARS). MUST HAVE MONEY AND to GIVES TO WINNERS Because if someone beat it on 100% of the 1 billion gain. Example defeat games see here
  • WHAT TO DO ABOUT beat me 7.7.2012

    But why games. GOAL computer games is to be glorified as a great owner and architect. Each of which has its own rules the game chooses which gives money to less than 100% and played for example RESTART or loss of life takes in $ 1,000. Others take the example in logic games for empty moves $ 1 to $ 10. GOD MAKE GAMES ALSO IF YOU WANT TO BE ANY LOWER. AFTER 50 wins on his game and was reduced by 10 units (ie IF HE IS 260 iq has already 250) and each victory prune it (irakunji & spider black widow) in 30 minutes. Another time someone wants to raise the same way. OF the biggest haters (those who love the much God) is losing a lot and nothing is gained. I give you an example FUEL original game is super tough but addictive because it is Clark Kent- TOM WELLING and God wants from 1 to 10 years to decrease. But I made it interesting and fun with my mod. My game is absolutely MINDCALC Whoever wants to beat me must play version EXPERIMENTAL (10X10) and find 230 numbers if he wants to be reduced to cut me. To get into the hospitals have numbers 250 -10 times. Furthermore, this playing if he can not beat me and my enemy will be reduced she had sworn that I will win. For claims that he was master of the universe -SOLOMON. For example, it is God the Father God, PA, Jesus, Buddha, ARCHITECT (matrix), MORGAN FREIYMAN, ZEUS and many others who want his throne. Another example game VIRTUAL TENNIS 1,3 finally released a super strong god-KING OF MONACO. Haters squared. My brother Alexander defeated him 159 times before. The same evil man worm is released in version 3 and my brother ALEXANDER beatted him there 5 times. After 10 times HE WILL ENTER INTO HOSPITAL. It's not just games.
    But I am master of the 20 universes (20,000 PLANETS), who wants to beat me to read
  • HAVE SUPER NEWS 4.9.2014

    This is the truth about sex. All women have a lot of energy without which we men will die. Sample- baby (boy) because it is close to his mother has vital energy to 20 years. If you fuck a woman in 20 years it will keep another 20 years. IF YOU DO NOT masturbate as I do. Winning is 1/10000 ENERGY as from 1 sex but is life-saving. THANK's to pop folk singer. Expensive but infallible God does not punish for such things. FOR 1 SEX WITH FOREIGN women may receive and note the stroke while driving to kill yourself. This is true. The other which is important that you eventually divide the money equally. And if you not married KUPIDON took them. And if you become pregnant you will lose both in single and $ 50,000. BECAUSE THE CHILD IS "WITH FUTURE CAPITAL DIVIDENDS". For example, I Solomon was born with 20,000 a year. Now I am 220 thousand per year. This money nobody can take them to me. Can only increase. That's why I have no credit card and gsm BUT MOST EXPENSIVE listening music and watching MOST expensive movies, masturbate from 12 YEAR old OF fabulous Beauty and feel great. At some point, however, began to take me to my energy. Once even a hairdresser I i feel warm hit, never knew what 'happened. Barely dragged home. Well it is cold otherwise no salvation. TO HAVE MONEY TO YOU inventor or work or play computer games. 20,000 per year will reach 20 discharges of camellia or any other star. SO a video game and you will have money for everything. Forgot to show off all over Europe due to me why it is in the European Union, because I paid them dues from 4000 TRILLION. NOTE FOR BULGARIA wants 40 billion. When they realized that Solomon is not ZEUS took the money from ZEUS he took for last 1000 year when he was accepted as SOLOMON. ZEUS blow a 1000 FOR THESE YEARS. I think that now will prove that Solomon, however, I took them. And i gave Ramon (GURDIAN OF GALAXY) 1000 TRILLION TO KEEP ME FUTURE YEARS 1000). BY INVETIONS and all that is mine I won 28,000 TRILLION. I bought some games for the 6000 trillion in which "children" earn not very easy but with fun a lot of cash. about 19,000 trillion bought the Old Testament of the Bible. And so I became GOD AND RECEIVE MORE TRILLION 5000 for 1000 years.

    I found something super interesting when I heard the song of Locke-PHARAOM have it on ektoplazm.

    Watch any movie and choose UNIVERSE to dwell. Because the main characters are gods in them good and evil and they fight each other. For example recently watched LA PIOVRA 2,3 and wonders why a great mafia bankers when they no longer need them make them scored thing. And then what was- money belong to mafia and they have given them at birth. No longer need them and want them to return them good. HOW EVEN KILL HIS MOST GREAT mobsters if to most powerfull offer something. Another universe series SMALLVILLE- any demons with super abilities that kill civilians but here THEIR hero is not Michele Placido BUT Clark Kent and his friends. The show wants to show battles between good and evil and says IF born in UNIVERSE of Jorrel has a 70% chance to kill you a demon. and 30% probability to save you a hero. STAR TREK UNIVERSE - invite at great become space explorers. THEREFORE DOES THEIR ENTIRE UNIVERSE. Of course most are the great captains and lieutenants of the spacecraft. And ordinary people are ordinary employees who SERVICE whole universe. Sample sell books with cosmic adventures. Or work in factories that make these spaceships you know. I watched CSI crime scene investigation. Wanted to tell you I hate smart ass and hunt them these are evil in their унижерсе- New York, Las Vegas and Miami. COMMUNIST WATCH MOVIES IN CHANNEL 1 and the more so in view of long will you stay in this universe in his next incarnation. You did listen to Mozart, Bach and you will find yourself in the universe from the 17th century. Kings with princes, princesses, etc. The biggest fools play computer RPG games where using magic and spells fail to fulfill any task to kill "evil" in this universe. To begin start with evil ANIMALS- somewhere dogs, wolves after that boars and nataak and continie begin with demons. There are so-called the film drama are those of our universe as the newest film TRAITORS. it concerns an already developed countries of Allah MOROCCO. How should tricking to survive another day and what happens to those who have run out of money. BUILDINGS ARE LIKE IN BULGARIA.


    1. Rock and ROLL music "of 70 and 80 years." 1 piece is 0,5$,
    2. DANCE MUSIC "90 years" the price of listening to one song is 1$
    3. POP FOLK THE BALKANS (1995- 2014). 1 piece is 2$,
    4. GOA TRANCE "OLD GOA TRANCE (1995-2005 year) and also ASTRAL PROJECTION. 1 piece 1$,
    5. BOND; PRINCESS OF VIOLIN- violine music. 1 piece $ 2,
    6. MARANATHA SINGERS (1974-1999) . piece $ 1,5,
    7. bandcamp - GOA TRANCE (2005-2014) - 1 piece $ 2, worse 1$
    8. ektoplazm- PSYCHEDELIC, GOA TRANCE(2005-2015)- 50$ 1 album download BEST, WORSE- 20$
    9. I NVKNVK KING SOLOMON- 560 GOA TRANCE (2003- 2014) 1 album 20$ for BEST, 10$ FOR WORSE
    10. ALL SOUNDCLUD cost 1$ evry SONG

    KNEW MANY THINGS FROM FILM "13 Game of Death" 2006

    I will tell you only what my father King David has begun this game May all her they began running out of credit. There is also a good option but it is difficult to win and more slowly because to destroy is easier than to build. And 2 opposite games samotimes played for life. In the film, everything happens for one day and one night. SUPER FILM Thai. I wondered why so many annoy me and make me curse them and get angry telepathically. Others women make me the empty them but I do not want a man, and they play their game. Apparently there are many types of such games. Watch the movie and you will understand everything. I find it on

    BECAUSE MANY ARE deceived God told me to tell you. Really increasing and decreasing the level. If you are architects of the Matrix movie and do something wrong example fuck woman in the ass IMMEDIATELY LEVEL YOU DROP to pick it up must fight the one that is 1 level more than you. SO architects LEVEL 25, its level has dropped to 24 and now have to beat someone who is an enemy of level 25 to become level again with 25 himself. LEVEL 24 I can not get sick. If level 23 they cut and the pain is indescribable, and the level of 24 only slightly scratch. To prove that your level 24 has one simple Sensory played the first level of the game DEATHCORE. I'm not exactly sure how many times must you over your enemy. It is clear however preachers of the highest caliber began to pick on with those who choose the old covenant or generally you are opposed to faith. EXACTLY TO HIS they hit. Play computer games, this is the easiest way GOD PUTS OPPONENTS games. IF beat them win and they lose I'll tell you one example that happened to me long to understand better what I mean. So I communicate telepathically WITH ALL AND telling impromptu jokes and so I lift up my level. However, at times unconsciously. That pleasure. 1 GOD COMES TO WINDOW AND TELLS ME TELL ME OR joke joke or something funny else you do BARLEY. I thought he was joking and told him I know how far I told jokes. HE TELLS ME NOW, OTHERWISE YOU DO BARLEY. I waved my hand. And at one time can not open the eye and began to TEARS TERRIBLE he laughs IE increse his level up so 1.2 days 2.3 hours and finally I thus replied (God help me) that it fell to the low level of god-no longer measure. Great Bulgarian Adventists began to play this game also- CHRISTIAN their option to cry any from other faith. EG NAIDEN BOCHEV who wrote "Christ in history" and "long dead" once came to my window (invisible but I hear) and my son asks ACCEPT CHRIST. And I hear Nikolai accept Christ see Nayden Bochev crying. I laugh and say the Old Testament is good. He is gone. After a few months comes back and tells me now herewith they become Adventists in our church have to pay. All my money in the account had so far been 500 million. And he tells me I will take THESE money from you so that we brought you unto God. I tell him I HAVE BILLIONS And God says the same thing (knowing that I have done many mods and 2 logic games and music, however NAIDEN BOCHEV NOT KNOW). he asks why do not i cry. Realized that he does not lift up the level with me and gone ,since then never heard of him. Make you cry if you watch the film is the second level and they are 13 to beat someone in a verbal battle also its dike level a little. EG Dwayne Lemon constantly showing off in his sermons how an unbeliever left perplexed. Pastor Lyudmil Yatanski also mocked me telepathically I spoken of his TRUTH as I have written on this site. He thinks that I lift up my level. And they began to be angry. Do you get angry your level drops. Waned level you your money falls. Eg 24 level play 1 race for $ 10,000, 23 for $ 1,000 level as 2-horror film to watch as my erarhiya. Why not marry a rich for beautiful poors. Because if they do their level will fall. Only cracker aristocrat married an ordinary woman in love just because its level is already low. IF FOOD vomit your level erodes especially if you have it prepare yourself. If your level is high you going from fabulous beauty and want to be the empty often just because you have money. IF YOUR LOW only usual (poor) beauties. Same with music. IF YOU RICH WILL LISTEN TO MUSIC AT collar GOA TRANCE if you will listen to ordinary American stars. SO THIS WILL LIKE MUSIC. If you understand my teaching everything that I have written on this site and take MEANS your level is very high. You can play MENSA ACADEMY, CUBOT, JEU KAKURO, my games MINDCALC & CLEAR LOGIC, etc. Maybe even the tournaments MI race CLOSE TO CHEKPOINT - IT IS LEVEL 22 wins is $ 50,000 read below. Level 22 means 220 IQ. ARCHITECT IS WITH 250. I AM WITH 230.


    God showed me in a dream how I was more beautiful than FIKI and galin. However, I was in the hospital. Then the devil told me he was such had given me BLOOD NOW're nothing because nothing gave me. And I remembered the verse "God do so with MAN 2 fold or 3 times back his soul from the pit." WHO DEVIL- will ask you- Surtur NOT, A ONE TO BE AROUND BE GREEN THICK FOG. The biggest enemy of God and the world. You've seen SUPERNATURAL how to prove that people are one another's hand cut. EXACTLY WHAT IS BLOOD BROTHERS ARE ALSO SERVE 2MATA ALREADY THE DEVIL. WHY ARE SO STRONG AND THEREFORE defeated DEMONS which also serve the devil. What I tell you !!!! I'm strong in another aspect CREATIVITY - but serve God. Before I was a powerful demonstration Gorgeous all my women want me but serve the devil. Now WOULD AM IN GREAT BUT no woman wants me BECAUSE I serve to God. Even Laura Brent pulling although we fuck telepathically and KAMELIA the same.

    unverified information BUT IMPORTANT TO READ

    Did you film with Denzel WASHIGTON "UNSTOPPABLE" super movie. But between the action showed a restaurant Huters with beautiful waitresses. WHAT impressed me. There was a super cool plasma monitors that display a Pichenot chick with a plunging neckline and after a few seconds baseball. Well I ask, IN BULGARIA ALMOST ALL ARE torrent tracker ZAMUNDA.NET even from there downloaded this movie. IF COST $ 100 it may all 100 people to sit down in front of these monitors and watch it. PUSHKIN of the new film by Denzel WASHIGTON "EQULIZER" which finally killed by the protagonist. Nikolai told me telepathically I also had access to all as you now have access to BLU RAY FILMS 50 gb. Watch 10 films a day and the next 10 years some gangsters came and told me that I owe money. WHY tackled that criminal business to pull them back and continue to live my life. SCRARLET JAHNNSSON also said that having understood all the IE has become God (film LUCY) has requested to become a vampire that was the only way to continue to exist. NOTE say on the news that 3 billion people already have computers, however, the most popular videos were viewed 20 million times on youtube. In 40000,50000 people watching clips of the Bulgarian site for video sharing VBOX7.COM. NOT MORE . WHY ????. SOFIA CAPITAL OF BULGARIA has 50 shops and services for computers and are 2 million already.
    => Conclusions are after each receive 2 billion when GOD liked you because of something you has done, he can make them spend this money through movies, music, sex, drinking, eating, smoking, drugs, but if it ended. WHAT THEN !!!!!! KNOW perhaps dying or him / her killing. What do you think. NOTE ALL THAT GOD LIKE CONTINUES THEIR DAYS ie can live long, much longer if they are frugal pleasures. AS IS NICE AND BEAUTIFUL PLEASURE the more expensive and more quickly run out of money.


    "Free choice is so much unconditioned by foreign will, and as such Appearing FREE CHOICE, MORE FACTS ARE GIVEN RIGHTS TO Understand what good and what evil However, since none exists, OR IF Well, it WAS BEFORE BIRTH ARE THEREFORE ONE sheep and others GOAT third shepherd fourth wolves THERE Assistance dogs