Author: Nicolay Vladimirov Kurbanov-nvknvk

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If Jehovah and Allah are not the creator they have an eternal war with each other

If Krishna, Manu, Shiva are not the Creator India be forever poor if not to prosper

If Zeus is not the Creator then Greece to impose a POVERTY

If God the Father and Jesus Christ are not the Creator to begin the ferment in the churches to go into schism and the split in Strife (real wars in the church with blood shedding) plus in Christian countries to increase road-transport accidents.

If the Buddha is not the Creator, then the Buddhist world will be impoverished if not to prosper

If Vishnu is not the Creator -JAPAN to sink

All these attacks to happen until the CreatOR Kronos = Surtur reigns as God AND Zeus and Odin who now rule TO Go to exile


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